Specialization Track 3 - Software Development


IT companies at the forefront of technology have been changing their hiring and training policies drastically in the last five years, and Maxim Nyansa has obtained the best results helping its trainees follow a similar track.

Now having a permanent training facility at our disposal, we have changed the setup of our specialization programs to optimally match the Ghanaian and international job market in Information Technology.

Maxim Nyansa offers various specialization programs to prepare IT graduates for a specific career with the newest technologies. These new programs in principle run full time for a 3 month’s period. After the program trainees have one or more projects they have worked on to show to future employers on a GITHUB repository.

Businesses in Ghana who are interested in a similar program for their young IT professionals in combination as part of a traineeship or internship on a concrete job are cordially invited to contact us here.


Programs have a so-called blended learning approach and consist of the following elements:

1. Be an ambassador: share your enthusiasm for Maxim Nyansa with your network, in particular via social media.
2. Volunteer: we have active teams of volunteers, compassionate professionals in both Ghana and the Netherlands.
In particular we regularly seek IT professionals as trainers for our graduate programs.
3. Campaign: you can initiate a fundraising campaign for us at work, in your school, church or neighborhood. You can contact us for ideas on how to do that.
4. Give us your end of life cycle computers. We will refurbish them and give them a second life in a public school in West-Africa.
5. Financially adopt a school or a young IT graduate to take part in one of our programs.


The software development training has the goal of getting newbies (aspiring software developers) and intermediate developers to get started well with their journey and hopefully be prepared for the job market after completing all modules successfully. Software development is a relatively green field in Africa and has a lot of opportunities for young graduates to apply their creative knowledge to solve world problems. There are a lot of different specializations in the software world such as Mobile Application development, Web development, Desktop Applications development, etc.

In our program module, we focus more on web development and give brief introductions to the other different specialization areas which helps trainees to have a broader view of the field and decide for themselves where they want to focus in their career life. In the final month of the program, we brainstorm ideas on a potential product that can be developed by the team and we work on it in groups of developers.

The program will include the following modules:

1. General Introduction to software development
2. Setting up development environment
3. Software development collaboration tools
4. Technologies and concepts in web development
5. Databases
6. Web application frameworks
7 Web development with Laravel framework (A php web application framework)
8. Servers and Hosting
9. Real life web application project

During the program practical assignments will constantly be executed and in the final month a real life project will be introduced to work on by the team, preferably a project that can be continued to benefit the world after completion.


This 3 months intensive training helps you to get started as a Data Scientist. After a general introduction we help you to build your own curriculum to specialize in the topics of your choice in this fast developing field. Data science is almost a green field in Ghana, and you may be able to create your own job or be the first professional in a company to work on data based IT solutions.

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