Maxim Nyansa offers a one month intensive training program for young IT graduates to prepare them for the job market. The training is highly practical and is given by experienced IT professionals.

About Us

Maxim Nyansa stands for the best of two worlds. We have the strength of an NGO and we are a foundation raising funds and mobilizing volunteers to train underprivileged young Africans. We believe in a bicultural approach and our organization will be owned, governed and executed by teams where Europeans and Africans are working together on a basis of equality and synergy. read more...

Our Mission

It is our mission to create a career perspective for young Africans with the use of information technology. We believe it is possible to equip and prepare them for the new African job market, giving them access to valuable and affordable practical resources and training. read more...

Our Vision

We have the ambition to launch training programs all over West-Africa to equip young IT graduates to equip them with affordable practical training and career coaching, and to help them to find jobs. In close collaboration with local communities we also want to introduce learning transformation programs for high schools all over West-Africa. This is an integrated approach, that prepares high school students for their lives in the 21st century, including digital literacy. read more...

Training for Young IT professionals

Maxim Nyansa offers a training program run by professionals in the field of IT, personal development and education. Every year Maxim Nyansa selects 20 high potential trainees who will be following a 6 months intensive program of practical training. The trainees generally have just graduated from a local African university with a Bachelor in Computers Science/Software Engineering or a Bachelor of Education with a specialization in computer science. The trainees will be financially supported with the help of a sponsor program.read more...

Learning Transformation

Maxim Nyansa offers learning transformation programs to high schools in West-Africa, introducing teachers as well as students to 21st century skills. We believe that it is indispensable to introduce children to the use of computers in a practical way. At the same time we encourage teachers to use mulit-media and educational software to make learning more fun and cause a deep level of learning through practical and interactive classes. read more...

Get Involved

MAXIM NYANSA Foundation is an NGO and we want to keep costs of our work as low as possible for the young Africans who benefit from our programs. We therefore constantly seek to partner with individuals, schools, businesses and donor organizations to support us. There are various ways to help us, as a volunteer, ambassador or donor. read more...


Maxim Nyansa started its first pilot projects in a junior high school in Accra and with a group of 10 young IT graduates in 2016. Since 2017 we have been growing our work and our support base steadily.



Multiple businesses, schools and individuals have helped us since we started, in particular from the Netherlands where we partner with various organizations. Some support us financially, but as often we receive free hardware, learning materials and volunteer trainers who have come over to help us. We are particularly grateful to the following organizations: